Alkemy X

Made in 1981: Celebrating 40 Years of Alkemy X

Since setting up shop in 1981, we’re proud to have successfully navigated four decades of an ever-evolving media landscape. 2021 marks an incredible accomplishment of 40 years in business partnering with top brands, agencies and studios to create engaging and powerful creative work. It all started with Shooters Post and Transfer, founded by two cameramen and a sound engineer in a basement with one camera, some audio and lighting gear, and a dream.

Merry Xmas 1992! Always looking to the Future!

Fast forward to 2021 and Alkemy X is booming, with over 500 staff members working globally as experts in live-action production, visual effects, original and branded content, design and animation, and creative technology. We are an award-winning company working with top-notch creatives ideating, producing, and delivering all types of engaging and ground-breaking content for global brands and platforms.

Summer Party—The Queen Merry sets sail!
Our Avant Garde Deconstructionist phase...

Since the ‘80s, we have remained dedicated to the ongoing expansion of our services and skills, jumping into new markets and continuing to grow our talented team of showrunners, producers, directors, writers, editors, artists and animators. Emerging from a year entrenched in pandemic challenges, we have not only survived, but have emerged stronger, embracing industry shifts and applying creative solutions to reframe challenges as opportunities for innovation. And we’re not done yet!

Philadelphia Headquarters prior to renovations.
Proving even old BTS never gets old.
A quiet calm descends during the Holiday Season...

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re psyched to flex our skillz with a very special campaign - an ode to 1981. Join us as we blast back in time to show just how radically far we have come since VHS, cassettes, and retro design styles were state of the art.

To our staff, clients, and colleagues, thank you for being a part of our journey at Alkemy X. Stoked for the next 40!