Alkemy X

Alkemy @ Home

We’ve developed a variety of innovations for new methods of filmmaking as well as safe guidelines for traditional executions. These new methods allow us to capture just about any scene that could occur in a residential environment. They will continue to be used moving forward for producing in areas that transition in and out of different levels of lockdown restrictions.

Alkemy At Home
In early March, we began building a directory of filmmakers from our large network of independent contractors around the world who are in isolation with access to equipment, talent and locations that fit the needs of a variety of projects. That directory now includes over 200 individuals with notes on their equipment and photos of their family and friends as well as the locations in which they’re isolating. It includes not only Directors but also Cinematographers, Still Photographers, and Camera Assistants. It includes varying ages and ethnicities of talent and tons of different location looks. Our Directors can supervise these filmmakers and talent remotely and serve as a common creative thread when capturing footage for multiple scenes from multiple filmmakers in different environments. In addition to directing remotely through this network, each of our Directors have access to their own collection of resources for use when directing in person. You can see those resources on each Directors’ page on this site.

Remote Director
We own a software that allows us to capture 4k resolution images with anyone owning an iPhone 8 or higher. This works great for interviews or dialogue to camera with real people, doctors, patients, executives, etc. We can film up to 4 cameras simultaneously. The talent does not need any technical knowledge and simply needs to download our app from the App Store to allow us to control their phone’s camera. We deliver a brand new tabletop phone tripod and a lav microphone from an online retailer for professional level quality. Our creatives, producers and clients are able to supervise the production remotely through the video chat in the software.