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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Alkemy Production

On Set Safety Guidelines
We’ve collected a number of COVID safety guidelines for safe practice on film sets from industry groups, unions, and associations. While they’re all worth reviewing, we believe in the implementation of one consistent message to allow for safe interpretation without conflict or confusion. We also feel that the guidelines should be drafted holistically for the safety of everyone on set, not created by a particular union or organization with the focus of their specific members in mind. For that reason, and because we feel they are the most qualified, we’ve made the decision to follow the guidelines put forth by the National Set Medics. The National Set Medics employ an in-house COVID-19 specialist and a Medical Director. They’ve created these based on the CDC and Opening America Again guidelines. Since 2012, the National Set Medics mission has been to protect the health and safety of every individual on set. Their guidelines have been and will continue to be updated regularly. The current guidelines can be found here: (link: )

Prep and Wrap Safety Guidelines
Before and after filming occurs on set, we’ve instituted these guidelines for our suggested workflow.
Casting will be supervised remotely whenever possible. Remotely supervised casting is not new to the industry and has been conducted efficiently for several years.

Location scouting will also be done remotely when possible. A lot of location images already exist and are on file with Location Scouts. New locations can be photographed by their owners under the direction of a Location Scout. When necessary, a Location Scout can scout in person when following CDC guidelines of social distancing and sanitization.

All locations and sets will be disinfected prior to crew and talent arrival by a professional sanitation company specializing in COVID sanitization. We’ll also be sanitizing locations after our use for the safety of the location occupants.

We will be operating as cash-less as much as possible through the use of bank transfers for large amounts, Alkemy credit cards, and crew credit cards for smaller purchases which will be reimbursed through Venmo upon wrap.

All forms will be processed electronically whenever possible. This will include timecards, purchase orders, wrap books, etc.

Additional COVID Guidance Resources can be found here: