Alkemy X

Production Case Studies


Alkemy X was on the forefront of creating a blueprint for the production community at large to resume live action production safely. During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, we spent countless hours researching, workshopping, auditing and compiling as much data as possible to develop a safe working protocol for our community and clients.

By late March 2020, we had created a robust COVID-19 protocol that has guided our team and much of the industry into bringing work back safely.

Our tactics and protocols have been tested and refined in over 25 productions since June 2020, including celebrity shoots, remote shoots, and the nation’s first union shoot of the pandemic.


With rapidly shifting local government restrictions and mandates, it is essential that each pandemic production be assessed individually to achieve the safest and most efficient approach for the given parameters. Using our COVID-19 protocols as an overarching guiding principle, we have determined that each production requires a unique combination of safety strategies to achieve the best final product with the highest level of safety for the cast and crew continually top-of-mind.

On top of masks, distancing, temperature checks, testing, and special wardrobe and makeup accommodations, we have established an index of best practices we will utilize to create customized protocols for each production.

We have effectively employed a wide range of techniques, from inter-family casting, to remote production, to rapid testing, that now serve as a framework for creating custom safety guidelines for each individual shoot.