Alkemy X

For Alex, film is a space where human experience and imagination intersect. He revels in the magical overlap of what is and what could be. Alex has been drawn to the medium for twenty years, exploring the craft both independently and as a commercial director, stewarding many projects from ideation through directorial output and delivery.

Alex’s deep-rooted sense of curiosity, paired with his directorial versatility, has carried him through a wide range of creative briefs. From lifestyle content for brands like IKEA, AT&T and Sleep Number, comedy for Progressive, and Hot Pockets, to high-end brand work for the likes of American Express, Lexus, and Verizon, Alex takes pride in tackling dynamic assignments and bringing various concepts to life. In his personal work, Alex focuses on the central narrative of human aspiration, honor and integrity, and hubris. He is fascinated by the role environments – both natural and industrial – play in the human search for self-knowledge, and his cinematic universe is characterized by a surreally elevated, dreamlike quality.

Born and raised in California to Argentinian parents, Alex is fluent in Spanish, and brings a warm, laid-back energy to every set. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful music producer wife (who did not help write this) and their two young children.