Alkemy X

Jonnie started his career with a short stint as an advertising creative at AMV before being seduced by the glamor (and catering) of production. After directing 40 music videos with over 70 million YouTube hits, including HtwoO feat. Platnum’s ‘What’s it Gonna Be’ which was the most played music video in its year on MTV, Jonnie began his foray into commercials.

With a passion for comedy, from zany to dark, his commercial work features music, dialogue, choreography, and action. The craft of filmmaking is incredibly important to him, but performance is the beating heart of his work.

Jonnie's all about big positive energy & wants his work to be joyous & memorable. His job is to create an on-set environment of clarity, trust, openness & fun, giving freedom to capture magical moments bursting with life. His films are stylized & cinematic, drawing on his commercial photography background.

Jonnie has three kids, one wife & MUST be the world's only Yemenite-Antiguan.