Alkemy X
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While the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live action production overnight early in the spring of 2020, the hard work and adaptivity of creative shops in the Greater Philadelphia community helped pave the way for what optimistically looks like a bright and prosperous 2021. For Alkemy X, the challenges of 2020 not only called for creativity and ingenuity to weather the storm, but also pushed the forty year old Philadelphiabased creative studio to embrace its nimble and diversified business model to address the drastic shifts in the content needs of the marketplace.

Eschewing the scrappy “one stop shop” mentality that has served as a cyclical trend in the industry for the last decade, Alkemy X offers a diverse array of specialized services that both meet and elevate modern content demands. From visual effects work on top series including “Fear of the Walking Dead” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” to original series like the award-winning “Dragnificent!” and “Restaurant: Impossible,” Alkemy X Alkemy X President and CEO Justin Wineburgh brings a deep understanding of storytelling and the entertainment values needed for effective branded work.

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