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COVID - 19 UPDATE: Alkemy X will continue daily operations across all services. We are monitoring the recommendations of local health authorities and have established remote workflow contingencies to protect the safety of our staff and clients.

COVID-19 Production

Since early March, Alkemy’s production team has been on the forefront of our industry’s development of safe and innovative practices of filmmaking. In … Read More

Alkemy @ Home

We’ve developed a variety of innovations for new methods of filmmaking as well as safe guidelines for traditional executions. These new methods allow u … Read More

Where Shooting is Possible

Filming Abroad Filming has commenced outside the US in most countries at different levels. There are also several countries allowing in-bound travel … Read More

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Alkemy Production

On Set Safety Guidelines We’ve collected a number of COVID safety guidelines for safe practice on film sets from industry groups, unions, and a … Read More

Production Case Studies

FILMING DURING A PANDEMIC Alkemy X was on the forefront of creating a blueprint for the production community at large to resume live action … Read More