Alkemy X

Inspira Health filmed its techs using the robotic arms of a DaVinci Surgical System for a delicate and complex procedure to create the half-minute spot below.

Relax, queasy readers—it's an entirely bloodless performance. In fact, this neat slice of medical misdirection might just tickle your funny bone:

After the team preps and puts DaVinci in gear, we catch our first glimpse of the patient. It's "Cavity Sam," from the iconic board game Operation, introduced by Milton Bradley in 1965 and most recently produced by Hasbro.

Instead of players operating on Sam with tweezers, however, we watch DaVinci's gleaming probes dexterously remove pieces of his plastic cartilage as a narrator says: "Advanced robotics, experienced physicians. When it comes to minimally invasive surgery, we don't play around."

Developed with creative agency Brownstein and Alkemy X director Anthony Pellino, the engaging effort for New Jersey-based Inspira broke during regional Super Bowl pre-game coverage.

"We knew we had to come up with an idea that did more than just show off the impressive robotics and skill of the physicians at Inspira," Brownstein creative director Chris Grenier tells Muse. "This work was going to be on advertising's biggest stage, and we needed something with entertainment value as well."

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