Alkemy X

Rebecca Schmidt has been with Alkemy X for the past year and a half as a VFX Coordinator supporting our supervisors, artists and production team on projects such as ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, ‘The Wilds’, and ‘Dark Winds’. 

AX: In your opinion, what is the key to being an effective VFX Coordinator? 

RS: Definitely staying organized and communicating. As coordinators we have to know the ins and outs of every project we’re on. Having information memorized and organized helps with supporting each other and solving any new problems that come up throughout the day.  

AX: What’s your favorite part about your job?

RS: Meeting new people! There are always talented new artists, supervisors, and clients joining our team so it's great getting to meet new people. I’ve met dozens of creative and inspiring individuals since joining Alkemy X, and I could not be more excited to see who else I get to collaborate with. As coordinators we spend a lot of time working with artists and supervisors, so our days are never boring!   

AX: What’s something you wish more people understood about what you do? 

RS: I think one thing people may not realize about coordinators is how adaptable we are. Whether dealing with internal or external problems, we’re able to remain calm and organized under pressure. There are lots of moving parts, so we’re always ready to tackle what comes at us next. 

AX: What was your first job and what’s the most important thing you learned from that experience? 

RS: I had my first internship in college at a smaller VFX studio in LA. It was great working with a smaller team because it allowed me to shadow each person and learn a little bit about everything. Spending time in each area of 3D/2D VFX allowed me to learn what I enjoyed doing and what I didn’t.   

AX: Why were you initially attracted to working in visual effects? 

RS: My curiosity! As a kid I was always curious as to how they were able to create elaborate and magical worlds in movies. So, I did some research and decided to pursue a career in it to understand how it’s all done. The industry is constantly evolving so there's always something new to learn. 

AX: Did you experience any hurdles or challenges as you entered this industry? 

RS: I think the most difficult part of first getting into this industry was the experience that companies expect you to have as a junior. Working in VFX can be a very fast-paced environment with all the deadlines, so it's harder to take the time to train those who are just entering. All it takes is one person to give you a chance! 

AX: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in VFX? 

RS: I would definitely suggest networking! When you’re just getting into VFX it can be overwhelming with all of the options you could pursue either in production or as an artist. Reaching out to people in the field you’re interested in is a great way to learn and meet new people! 

AX: What kind of projects do you enjoy working on or look forward to being a part of? 

RS: Projects that challenge our team and push us to develop new solutions are always my favorite to work on. Being a part of the brainstorming sessions really shows you how talented and brilliant everyone is. It’s great getting to watch our team come together to solve a difficult problem and exceed our own expectations in doing so. 

AX: What’s a goal you have for yourself in 2023 - work or otherwise?

RS: I would love to pick up another hobby in my free time this year. I used to paint and draw quite a bit, so it would be great to pick that backup or try out something new.

AX: How do you spend your free time?

RS: Traveling! I love spending my time visiting new places and going on hikes. When you spend as much time on the computer as you do in VFX it’s always great to be able to get outdoors!