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Demystifying Storytelling and Entertainment for Brands. 

We connect Brands and Creators to produce Entertainment that grabs audiences in new and different ways—building reach, affinity, engagement, and social sharing that traditional television commercials can’t easily offer (although we still produce amazing commercials).

We help our brand partners understand the evolving entertainment landscape (not just the distribution but what’s being consumed by your target(s) and where) and how to participate in it while offering deep expertise in all facets of creative development; including strategy, production, and distribution and an end to end, hands-on approach that is easier for clients and their agencies to manage and highly cost-effective.

Our work together starts at the strategy stage; whether it lives within your brand marketing team or at your strategic agency, this is where we help build the business case for your branded content. We then map the development and choose the best creative team at our studio to collectively ideate and pre-think ALL of the platforms where this content will or could live. This allows for free-flowing distribution wherever it makes sense, not as an expensive afterthought. You will have all assets that COULD be part of the content distribution plan now and in the future because our editors are already part of your content development team.

Our Brand Films and Entertainment team is purpose-built for your needs—featuring award-winning writers, showrunners, Live Action and Animation directors, editors, and VFX specialists who all live within the Alkemy X Studio where your entire team is built from the ground up from our stable of artists specifically for your project. This allows for maximum collaboration with the artists who will create your content chosen by the genre they specialize in - when it matters - before everything has been definitively signed off not after.

Samsung "Reframe This Space"

We targeted an audience that considers TVs an eye sore and introduced them to a TV that was designed to fit seamlessly and stylishly into any home. Samsung's new TV, The Frame, was designed by Swedish designer Yves Béhar to look just like a picture frame. We worked with HGTV celebrity designer Emily Henderson to create a web series called Reframe this Space. In each episode, we tapped into the home decorating trend of adaptive reuse to reimagine old and unused spaces. By working with Emily and her four co-hosts, we were able to create content that our target audience not only engaged with but liked enough to share. But our influencer play didn't end there.

At the same time, we tapped 26 influencers on Instagram, gave them The Frame, and asked them to reframe their own spaces. People went nuts for it. Overall, the influencers posted over 250 pieces of content, with a total engagement rate of over 5%. All that translated to over 1 million likes, comments, and shares. And all that translated into five times the normal daily traffic on the product page and tripled sales. By creating content that our target audience found valuable and putting it on channels that they were already engaged with, we were able to not just talk about The Frame, but show a target audience the potential of a TV that has changed the game.

  • Super Trailer

  • Case Study

  • Boathouse Hero

  • Barge Hero

  • Greenhouse Hero

  • Barn Hero

  • Boathouse :60

  • Barge :60

  • Greenhouse :60

  • Barn :60

BMW "Un4gettable Weekend"

It’s one thing to say the first-ever BMW 4 Series is Un4gettable. It’s another to prove it. And that’s just what BMW did by rewarding two fans for being among its most active social media fans with their very own 4 Series for the weekend—before it was even available at dealers. For forty-eight Un4gettable hours, they tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebooked, and blogged about their experiences with the new 4, spreading the word socially, and in turn, rewarding BMW. The Un4gettable Weekend made a social connection to its fans not just through the typical social channels, but by simply being social—in person, with a brand new car not even available yet at dealers. This was not a contest of any sort — we simply scoured BMW social platforms to reward two fans who were vocal about their passion for BMW, and specifically, the upcoming BMW 4 Series. Our two stars, Nate and Rashed, actively posted BMW photos and messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all over the BMW blogs.

By surprising them for the weekend with the first-ever BMW 4 Series before anyone in the country had a chance to drive it, we knew they would not only truly appreciate it, but that they’d share their experiences socially—constantly. Their enthusiasm would market the car for us. Nate posted photos every chance he got, and Rashed ultimately wrote a post roughly eight pages long describing the full experience to a very interested audience. And of course, we filmed the entire event and created content to distribute through BMW’s social channels. In the end, we garnered 4.59 million impressions, 166,000 clicks, 2,401 new followers, and 2 new best friends of the brand. The program was social in every sense of the word.

  • Nate | Full

  • Rashed | Full

  • Nate | Fans Make Us | 30

  • Rashed | Kids | 30

  • Nate | Fans Make Us | 45

  • Rashed | Nothing Less | 30

Google Pixel "Unswitchables"

For the launch of the Pixel 3, Google was determined to focus on converting non-Pixel users who were loyal to another phone brand—aka the unswitchables. To accomplish this, we created a series of short-form episodic content on YouTube in collaboration with the comedian James Davis titled "Unswitchables”.

The central theme of the series was to showcase how easy it is to switch from a different smartphone to a Pixel—and its ease of use to the device’s main strengths, Google Photos, and Google Assistant. Each unswitchable used the phone for 3 weeks and ultimately then needed to decide if they wanted to keep the new phone or go back to their old phone. You can probably guess how it ended.

  • Google Unswitchables Trailer

  • Too Chill To Switch

  • Too Busy To Switch

  • Too Anxious To Switch

  • Too In Love To Switch

Lego "Lego City"

  • Lego City | Episode 1

  • Lego City | Episode 2

Michelob Ultra "Fridge+"

With only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, Michelob Ultra is the perfect beverage for the health-conscious beer lover. We leaned into that, went ultra-serious, and spoofed the high-end home gym industry with the promotion of a completely fake product. Introducing, Fridget+.

No detail has been overlooked in Fridge+, which comes loaded with custom gear like adjustable beer-weighted dumbbells and a foam roller that doubles as a koozie. The premium product promises the opportunity to enjoy Michelob Ultra’s low-calorie, low-carb beer with chill, low-impact workouts displayed on the custom refrigerator’s OLED door screen.

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 30

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 30 | Square

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 30 | Ver

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 6

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 6 | Square

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 6 | Vert

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 15

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 15 | Square

  • Michelob Ultra | Mirror | 15 | Vert

Nerf "Nerf House"

  • Nerf House | Trailer

  • Nerf House | Klay Thompson

  • Nerf House | Guy Fieri

  • Nerf House | Diplo

  • Nerf House | Julian Edelman

  • Nerf House | Sky Brown

Revive Health "Who Cares: A Nurse's Fight for Equity"

In the heart of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation, poverty, and limited resources cast a shadow over the Oglala Lakota Nation. But amidst the struggles, Whitney Fear emerged resilient. Raised in this community, Whitney's journey from adversity to empowerment unfolds in the documentary "Who Cares: A Nurse's Fight for Equity."

Whitney's odyssey led her from a challenging upbringing to becoming a nurse, driven by her dedication to her community's well-being. The film underscores her commitment to guiding her people toward health and healing.

Set against the backdrop of Fargo, North Dakota, the documentary delves into health equity and representation, while focusing on Whitney's role as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Growing up on Pine Ridge Reservation, her experiences with adversity, including family hardships and witnessing the suffering of her peers, shaped her clinical approach.

Despite the odds, Whitney's tenacity and the unwavering support of her community propelled her into nursing. A beacon of hope, she illuminates the healthcare barriers faced by Native Americans and champions the significance of personalized care, regardless of background or ZIP code.

  • Who Cares: A Nurse's Fight for Equity Trailer

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