Alkemy X

Alkemy X newcomer Mary Ida Bonadio brings over two decades of sales and marketing experience to the business development team. She has a long history of success working in multi-media platforms, generating and developing new opportunities, contacts and clients, and was one of the first agents to represent feature filmmakers cross-platform for advertising campaigns. After attending Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia earning a BFA in Photography, Mary Ida earned her MFA in Video Production from the Art Institute of Chicago. Mary Ida also studied at Northwestern University and the New York School of Interior Design. 

AX: What motivated you to pursue a career in what you're doing right now and how has your journey led you to this position?

MIB: After I graduated with my Masters degree in video, I was selling art supplies to architects, engineers, and advertising agencies. Somebody introduced me to the world of advertising agencies and expounded on all the reasons why being a rep in the film business would be a good fit for me. I am a visual artist so I can speak the language of creatives and I've always had an entrepreneurial soul.

AX: Business development often involves building and maintaining relationships with clients and partners so how do you approach relationship building and what do you believe are key factors in successful partnerships?

MIB: Number one is being honest in maintaining relationships. Authenticity and transparency is key. Keep in touch, know what they like and what they need, don’t push too much, and don’t disappear on them. 

AX: Throughout your career have you encountered any mentors or role models that influence your approach to business development, and if so how did they inspire you?

MIB: I worked for Jack Gunn, who unfortunately passed away very young, and he was a mentor on every level. He taught me that relationships are key in maintaining clients.

AX: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice to yourself at the beginning of your career what would it be?

MIB: Save a lot of money to make sure you're prepared for the future. Always treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.

AX: You recently joined the Alkemy X team. What do you enjoy most about your new role?

MIB: I love the fact that I'm working with people who care about what they do and they offer solutions. When I need anything, from either Sue Fallon or Jim Huie, I'm able to get it right away and they understand everything. I love working with people who have the same enthusiasm and creativeness that I have. The team just gets it and they are easy to work with.

AX: What excites you the most about the direction and the potential growth of Alkemy X?

MIB: I think Alkemy X is a multi-talented company, not just in visual effects but all of our verticals. Our in-house full-service capabilities are really impressive. We do everything with excellence in mind, and that’s really motivating. 

AX: Apart from business and professional growth, what other passions or hobbies do you have that have contributed to your success as a leader?

MIB: I'm actually a bit of a daredevil. I've raced cars, flown planes, scuba dove shipwrecks and done exploratory dives. I just want to keep learning and having new experiences because life is an open book and pages get added every day, which is the outlook I have. Everyone has room for growth. 

AX: Are there any books, podcasts, tech, or resources that have influenced your mindset and approach for your career?

MIB: Along the way there's been so many things. I just saw Oppenheimer and to me that was incredible. I find inspiration everywhere, but people who work hard and excel in their field are my influences.

AX: Do you have a go to productivity hack or a routine that helps you stay on top of things at work?

MIB: I like to read when I wake up in the morning and I do The New York Times crossword puzzle. I look to see what's on the top of the news just to be aware of my surroundings in the world.

AX: What's the goal that you have for yourself work related or otherwise?

MIB: I want to visit all the continents. I've traveled a lot and I wanted to continue traveling. I'm also a foodie, so I’d like to try new cuisine abroad as well.