Alkemy X

Anthony Pellino tells anthemic stories that are punchy, kinetic, and energetic, creating worlds for talent that don’t exist in reality. His career launched at the age of 19 when he directed “Be More Human,” a hyperrealistic spot for Reebok about the internal meditations of William H. Cavali, an amateur boxer from Brooklyn, before each match. That spot led to a number of projects for Spalding, Cannonale, Uber, Guinness, and Michelob Ultra to name a few. He’s also helmed a series of branded documentaries for Peloton and served as both director and creative director on episodes for the Rumble Boxing at-home app experience.

Pellino is currently developing a short film around the theme of healthcare in a dystopian future. He draws inspiration from his father's journey as an immigrant whose perseverance is reflected in the passion and energy in Anthony's work. But don’t let that fool ya. Like most filmmakers, Anthony’s family still has no idea what he actually does for a living.