Alkemy X

Our Shared Vision & Practices

We believe inequality of opportunity has no place in our business. We are committed to working to change the demographics of our industry to reflect the world that we live in. In partnership with our Clients and Industry we will act as diversity and inclusion champions—meaning the work we deliver for our clients continuously reflects and celebrates the diversity of our society.

Alkemy X strives to be a place where everyone feels empowered to fulfill their potential.

Here are 5 steps that we are taking today:


Creative and Production staffing is highly fluid to accommodate schedules, locations and availability. Our goal is for BIPOC to represent at least 20% of our team on any given project, and aim higher. We regularly collaborate with our clients to develop staffing plans specific to their diversity and inclusion goals as well.

Double the Line

We encourage our clients to participate in the AICP’s Double the Line initiative, aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on Leadership positions in the Production Industry. For more information about Double the Line, visit:

Alkemy’s BIPOC Production Program

When working with clients who do not participate in Double the Line, we mandate that our projects staff new BIPOC in Production Assistant roles to open more doors to working in the Industry.

Free the Bid/Work

Alkemy X was among the first economic supporters of Free the Bid, a 501c3 non-profit initiative advocating on behalfof women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising and TV industry.We continue to support Free the Work. Our Lead Colorist (Janet Falcon) and two of our Directors (Tatjana Greenand Megan Wells) are individual members as well. For more information about Free The Work, visit

Alkemy’s BB/BS Outreach and Internship Programs

We’ve developed our own grass roots initiative with the national network of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, to help identify and connect to young people interested in film production in every film market in the United States. We also partner with college internship programs in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles to create new opportunities for professional development.